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All about
Za works.

The world is our canvas, and we love putting that saying into motion. ZAworks, born in 2016, came into the make to showcase our love and passion for art- more importantly, our passion for art on a surface (which happens to be our favourite canvas). Seeing beyond the surface and using that as our canvas, we create on an existing base and artistically turn it around to represent a vision.

At Za Works, we’re about the personal touch. Our vision lies in ensuring every work of art is different for all our customers making it one-of-a-kind and we believe there is no better way to do that than with our hands. When a client approaches us, we strive to create synergies to take their vision through an artistic journey. 

We see ourselves as an Interior designer’s partner-in creativity. When two power-packed creators come together it’s sure to make something extraordinary. Interior designers have to work with extremely tight time-frames and we help ease the stress a little with a quirky focus point right in the middle of the living room!

Apart from experimenting with different surfaces and materials, we love working with talents that could do wonders with a little push. We work with a lot of students from various backgrounds- we help, teach, and fine-tune their skills, and we love the perspective they bring in.

Know the founder

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Zahabiyah is all things creative and a lover for getting her hands dirty. Zahabiyah has pursued art since a young age, and having studied at Rachana Sansad School of Design has only refined her skills further. In the early stages of her career, Zahabiyah worked in the media industry under various art directors. Some of her prominent earlier work included movies for Dharma and advertisements for production houses. Simultaneously, she also dabbled with custom made props/furniture and smaller art projects that included painting and designing both digitally as well as physical spaces. She calls herself a surface lover and believes everything has the potential to be a surface if you knew what to do with it. While she primarily designs spaces, she also works extensively with brands for their visual communication, including branding and packaging. 

Outside of work, Zahabiyah is strong, fierce, and loves to travel and teach. Through school and college, she has taught art in schools and personally groomed and employed two young street children to design and paint. She is also environmentally conscious, and she intends to take on more eco-friendly projects.




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