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A mural with only one goal in mind - making sure the you keep seeing

 the beauty of nature after hours. It’s rightly said that nature always wears the colours of spirit and the earth has music for those who listen. Nature after dark is nothing but a heartfelt Earthy combination that captures your vision and at the same time soothes your mind and soul.


While some look for nature on the outside, we decided to wrap them up with their love for nature right inside. We filled the wall up with a hint of nature, just how they like it! Colourful flowering plants, the hardy common blue violet with its purple hue leaves juxtaposing the dark and bright and vivid wildflowers appearing out of nowhere just like in spring. Dreamy, isn’t it? 


We've almost always seen people paint flowers on light and bright backgrounds. But we decided to give the floral painting our client wanted our own spin and make it whimsically ZA!

And spring arose on the garden fair, Like the spirit of love felt everywhere; and each flower and herb on earth's dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.


Spring represents the birth and rebirth of life, plants begin their awakening and the leaves are a mix of morbid tan and vibrant sprouting green.

              Who doesn't want to turn their fantasy into something beautiful right?

Technique/Tools - Trompe Le Oil & Paint Brush
Materials - Artist Paints
Interior Designer  - Arrivae - Interior Solutions
Photo Credits - Karna Tanna Photography

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