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Inspired by Shepard Fairey’s eclectic style, bright and powerful the murals at Bombay Cartel scream a very important message- empowerment, strength and freedom.  We have incorporated their logo in a new style of art and subtle branding. Our clients are young and always looking to create change without being a propaganda, hence certain basic reminders- after all, we’re all human!


Rise, From the hate. 

From the propaganda. 

Be the change


There’s a place that we dream of! A place where equality is everything and people know when to make a different choice.  We are muralists and believe it is our responsibility to create art that has meaning and educates onlookers about stuff that matters! That’s exactly what we did with these walls 

We used eclectic colours and style to hype the message to the world.  Inspired by Sheperd Fairey, Bombay Cartel is an absolutely quirky place!

Technique - Graphic design Style

Materials : Asian Paints and artist paints

Interior Designer : Minnie Bhatt Designs

Photo Credits - Karna Tanna Photography

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IMG_4387 (1).jpg
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